Process Development and Custom Synthesis based on MCRs-type Continuous Flow Technology
   A microchannel reactor (MCR) is a continuous flow-type reactor with the channels' characteristics dimension under a millimeter in size.Within the past two decades, this new concept of MCR technology and flow chemistry, also known as  microreaction technology, microstructured device and microprocess engineering, has been furtherly developed and commercialized in chemical synthesis.
Today, microchannel reators offer greatly enhanced heat-transfer and mass-tranfer capabilities due to their high surface-volume ratios in comparison to the conventional batch reactor process.
1. Seamless scale-up from lab feasibility to process development to industrial-scale production. 
2. Improved and cleaner product profile.
3. Enhanced safe use of hazardous, reactive materials and highly exothermic reactions.
4. Accelerated process development and production without typical batch workup delays.
5. High throughput scanning of reaction conditions.
6. Precise control of reaction variables.
7. Higher yields with constant product output quality.
8. Reduced waste generation and energy consumption.
   Many different types of reactions are well suited for MCR equipments, including:

Nitrations/Oxidations/Fluorinations/Brominations/ Chlorinations/Grignards/Alkylations/Hydrogenations/ Organo-metallics/ Polymerizations and others.
   MCRs can be effectively used for chemical synthesis in pharmceutical and fine & specialty chemical industries, specially designed for these types of fast and instantaneous/highly exothermic/responsive time sensitive/mass-transfer-controlled/dangerous/difficult -to-scale-up reactions.
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